About GameGala

GameGala invites K-12 students to showcase their digital game projects developed by themselves. Students may enter the competition individually or with a team.

Instead of just playing games, be a game creator and developer!

Mark Your Calendar!

Project Submission: Dec 18, 2020

Semi-Finalist Annoucement: Jan 4, 2020

Final Project Judging: Jan 9, 2020


Final Data/Time: January 9th, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Location: Virtual Online

Competition Rules

  • Each applicant must be a student in an educational institution and enrolled in grades K-12 at the time of qualification. Students participate in different divisions based on their grade level: Grade K-3, Grade 4-6, Grade 7-8, Grade 9-12. The division for team projects with students in different grades is determined by the highest grade represented.

  • Limit to one entry: Each student is limited to one entry per year. Teams may consist of up to three participants. Team projects will be competing with individual projects in the same categories. Keep in mind that for team projects, the judging panel will have a higher expectations commensurate with the number of students on the team. Projects must be produced by the participants and the participants only. If a project submitted under an individual’s name is discovered to have been prepared by a team of more than one student, the participant will be disqualified.

  • Competition Day: Each participant (team) should prepare a computer to join the live zoom meeting and demo their game project and program code online. Judges will ask questions and evaluate the project for each team.

  • Supervision. Students not accompanied by their own parent(s) must be under authorized supervision by an adult escort, teacher, or administrator. GameGala is not responsible for the supervision of any participant.

Project Submission

  1. Acceptance to present a project at GameGala requires the online Registration submitted by the student(s) or their parent(s)/guardian(s).

  2. A project summary is required for the registration. Applications without a Project Summary will be rejected without recourse to appeal. Each student on a team project must complete his/her own personal Application, but only one Project Summary per team is required. As long as the Summary is provided by at least one member, other members of the team may choose to provide or omit the Summary without penalty.

  3. Project Summaries must communicate ideas effectively and use standard English.

  4. All teams must also submit a link to a 2-min YouTube video of their project. The video must show a demo of the submitted project. The video must be uploaded to Youtube and submitted by 11:59pm, Dec 18, 2020.

  5. The project must be a coding project related with games. It could be a playable game, a tool to support games, or other technical programs to improve gaming experiences. “Coding” and “Game” are the two keywords for the participating project. You are required to show a live demo of the project online, and be able to explain the implementation details to the judges.

  6. The game could be based on existing ideas and examples, but students must have the new and students’ own extension and improvement. Projects which are merely following existing tutorials, code, lessons are generally not acceptable.

  7. Applications may be rejected for failing to satisfy the rules of GameGala.

  8. The deadline to submit the project is 11:59pm Dec 18, 2020.


GameGala awards the top five projects within each age division as First Place, Second Place, Third Place, Fourth Place, and Fifth Place. In addition, innovative project award, best teamwork award, distinguished ideas award will also be given in each age group.

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